Revamping scooter VECTRIX by Green Vehicles

revamping scooter vectrix by greenvehicles

Green Vehicles, with its twenty years of experience, renewed and increased the performance of a Vectrix 2010 scooter.

The customer asked to increase the autonomy of the scooter, greatly reduced over time. Green Vehicles did it changing the original NIMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries with Lithium-Ion batteries making the scooter even lighter and therefore easier to handle.

Instead of original autonomy 40km, the vecrix passed to 150km of current autonomy.

The new battery has an expected life of more than 10 years, keeping over 90% of the initial power.

Then the vehiclel was completely repainted, using a new Wrapping removable vinyl paint.

So the Green Vehicles customer is ready to start his new life, with this restored scooter, from the perspective of recycling, reuse and green development.

Scooter Vectrix Revamping - prima


Scooter Vectix Revamping - dopo