The Retrofit Decree n.219 / 15 entitled “Regulation concerning an electrical requalification system for equipping M and N1 cars”, establishes under article 4 that “Each electrical requalification system is designed, constructed and assembled so that, in normal conditions of use and despite the stresses to which it may be subjected, the original characteristics of the vehicle in terms of performance and safety are not altered, as well as in order to last the corrosion and aging agents to which it is exposed ”.

The electrification of a vehicle represents the most artisanal type of activity that Green Vehicles carries out, since the modification of a traction system passes from a careful feasibility analysis, from the study of the vehicle in terms of dimensions and weights, as well as from the possibility of interventions inside the vehicle.

The future regulatory plans regarding mobility follow a logic of prohibition of the access of vehicles, both private and commercial, excessively polluting within urban areas and in city centres.

Our total electrification kits (100% electric) or partial electrification (hybrids) allow emissions to be reduced and therefore represent the solution for those who want to continue to enter areas subject to limited traffic. Following some vehicles that have already been electrified in the past.

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