The Full-Electric system installed onto the bus permits to circulate at emissions-free and with high economical benefits on the operating costs. Mantainance costs are reduced too: the internal combustion engine is entirely replaced by the electric one.


Green Vehicles is one of the few companies operating in the field of School Buses and Minibuses transformation in hybrid or electric, thanks also to the great technologies for Mild-Hybrid, Dual and Electric Kit. In terms of efficiency and autonomy, our buses offer the opportunity to have a vehicle capable of circulate without any problems in the historical centres and in limited traffic areas of the city. Our technology is applicable to any bus intended for goods logistic or passenger transport.


Our buses with Mild-Hybrid or Dual systems differ from one another. The dual system has autonomy and maximum speed and is equipped with a second electric engine. The Mild-hybrids instead are capable of recharging in braking and deceleration, reducing the emissions and storing energy, that is exploited in the traction phase.