An electric bus with very low environmental system. About 6.5 meters long, it can carry up to a maximum of 16 passengers, included driver.

It can reach a maximum of 110 km/h and is equipped with a lithium battery of 68 kWh.

Thanks to the frame, welded with steel alloy and whose components are all subject to anti-corrosion electrophoresis treatment that protects it for a time not less than 15 years, it is also suitable for rough roads and temperatures between -5 and 50 degrees.

The interior of the body is covered with thermal insulation, sound insulation and fireproof materials. The ceiling is made of aluminum alloy.

It has a dashboard equipped with “on-board computer” that integrates all control systems and vehicle status information.

It has many features including: air conditioning, remote programmable heating, ABS, ESP, start&stop, uphill assistance.

Download the datasheet for more informations


Length: 6704 mm
Width: 2059 mm
Height: 2680 mm
Long wheelbase: 3750 mm
Passenger load: max 16 seats driver included
Type of fuel: electric
Max speed: 110 Km/h
Battery capacity: 68 kWh
Range: about 230 km