CITY ELECTRIC BUS 8.5 meters version

A city elecric bus with very low environmental impact. About 8.5 meters long it is capable of carrying up to 64 passengers.

Equipped with double motor drive, it can reach 70 Km/h and it’s equipped with 187 KWH lithium battery (LiFePO4), a 4 pack mounted on the roof and a 4 pack on the back of the bus, reaching an autonomy of about 8 hours.

The chassis is fully loaded with a car body structure, it is welded with high strenght alloy steel and all of its components are subjected to electrophoresis anti-corrosion treatment. The protection time of the coating thickness is not less than 15 years.

The interior of the car body is covered with heat insulation, sound insulation and fireproof materials. The ceiling is made of alluminium alloy.

The large cab is semi-closed to provide a comfortable space for driver; the instrument panel has a built in “vehicle computer” to integrate all control systems and display vehicle status information.
The bus is equipped with air conditioning system and electric radiators.

The passenger seat is PVC and has soft cushion. The middle door is arranged with a wheelchair automatic car device and the area is set for pregnant women.


Length (mm): 8545
Width (mm): 2400
Height (mm): 3255
Wheel base (mm): 4200
Tread F/R (mm): 2070/1800
Overhang F/R (mm): 1930/2415
Approach/Departure (°): 10/10
Passenger load/seat: 64/18-33 ppl.
Chassis Manufacture: Monocoque
Power motor model: TZ450XSE02 signal stage, big torque electronic motor for Large slope Road
Manufacture standard: CNAS standard for electric bus include all the spare parts
Type of Power motor: 2500Nm Double motor drive
Motor rated power/Speed/torque (kW/r/min): Motor A: 135KW/850rpm/2300Nm
Fuel Type: Pure Electric
Max. Speed (km/h): ≤ 70
Brake distance (m): ≤ 10
Power drive system position: Electrical drive motor rear mounted
Max Total Mass (kg): 12800
Minimum ground clearance (under full load):  > 180 mm
Max. Grade Ability (%): ≥ 20
Min. Turning Diameter (m): ≤ 24
Curb Weight (kg): 9,000