Vintage cars, a passion that never sets and renews itself in electric.

The timeless myths of the past years return, in a completely new form, through a new life and making a collector’s car completely electric, with over 90 km of autonomy and a speed that has found 80 km / h.

The replacement of the normal endothermic engine in favor of the Completely electric kit offers a considerable saving on fuel costs: up to 5 times compared to the costs of the diesel, while as regards the costs of managing the vehicle, savings of up to 200 times those of the diesel system.

The completely electric system for the classic car is perfectly ecological and reduces emissions of particulate matter, carbon dioxide, nitrogen monoxide and fuel consumption of 100%.

Green Vehicles renews this tradition, to revive the bodywork of automotive myths, equipping them with a completely ecological engine, through a handcrafted daughter transformation from a knowledge of more than 20 years of experience.

The iconic Italian and international models will become a symbol of a past in which the car was the protagonist, returning with the strength of the electric avant-garde and modern performance.

Cars such as:

The Beetle, symbol of the German industrial revival in the second post-war period and the first ever Volkswagen model.

The Fiat 500, an icon of Italian cars, used from 1957 to 1975.

The Spider “Duetto” of Alfa Romeo, which came to the fore with the film “The degree” is becoming a kind of movie star.

The Mini created by Austin and Morris is a production in its first series.

These are just some of the electrified models, but through a feasibility study we don’t set model or motorization limits.