The “Mild Hybrid” represents the simplest technology to approve a vehicle as a hybrid and thus obtain the typical facilities of this classification. Its peculiarity, for which it is called “light hybrid”, is the presence of an electric motor that participates actively and constantly in the traction, despite being very small and is powered by a battery, equally small in size.

This is not necessarily a disadvantage, especially considering the low impact in terms of cost, as well as its simplicity of installation, is to be considered a potential strength.

As in all hybrids, the electric motor also works as a generator; in the phases of deceleration and braking, in fact, the energy that would otherwise be lost, is rescued and then stored in the battery.

The strong advantage and the main one compared to similar technologies, is certainly the cost, much more accessible. Not to be underestimated are also its lightness and compactness, which do not reduce the space of the interior of the car.

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Electric motor: Brushless DC – 5 kW (rated power) 8 kW (max power) – 14 Nm (rated torque) – 24 Nm (max torque)
Motor controller: 200 A (maximum current)
Cooling system : Air
Battery type: Battery Pack LiFePO4
Capacity and performance : 3/5 kWh