The 500 Spiaggina is a timeless myth of the 1960s that immediately recalls the atmospheres of the Dolce Vita, of beach holidays, of the golden years of the Italian economy.

Green Vehicles has decided to give new life to this model from another time, making a collector’s car completely electric, with over 90 km of autonomy and a speed that reaches 80 km/h.

La Spiaggina was born as an artisanal transformation of small cars of the first post-war period to create unique cars according to the requests, eliminating the roof, the windows, the doors and replacing the interiors.

Green Vehicles renews this all-Italian tradition, to revive the body car of a myth, providing it with a completely ecological engine.

The 500 Spiaggina beach, as well as being a real collector’s item, is a highly suggestive car for the imaginary that evokes in numerous contexts, from tourism to special events.

La trasformazione in elettrico è del tutto reversibile, insieme al veicolo elettrico forniremo anche il motore endotermico originale.