– Lightweight diesel / electric hybrid system
– Lightweight petrol / electric hybrid system
– Suitable for entry into the LTZ
– Installation on Euro 3/4/5/6 vehicles
– Up to 20% savings on consumption
– Up to 15% reduction in emissions
– Reduced maintenance costs
– Patented by Green Vehicles


The Hybrid Green Vehicles system is the simplest technology with which to approve a hybrid car and get all the typical benefits of this classification.

The Patented System, It is a light hybrid system that includes an electric motor that does not replace the traditional endothermic engine, but actively participates in traction.
The electric motor, as for all hybrid cars, also works as a generator: in the deceleration and braking phases, in fact, it recovers and stores energy, which otherwise would be lost in order to be able to subsequently exploit it in the traction phase.

​ In this way you get a vehicle with considerable driving range compared to a full electric system and with lower purchase costs.

​ At the same time the workload on the traditional engine is very small: consequently the hybrid engine requires much less maintenance than normal combustion vehicles.

The vehicles fitted with a Hybrid Green Vehicles system can boast a reduction in operating costs up to 25%. Fuel consumption, on the other hand, is reduced by up to 20% less than normal endothermic engines.

Consequently, also from the point of view of emissions there is a considerable decrease: 15% less emissions of particulate, carbon dioxide and nitrogen monoxide, with undoubted advantages for the environment, but not only …

​ Being able to homologate the vehicle as a hybrid with the Green Vehicles Hybrid system it is possible to circulate even in areas with limited traffic. Many Italian municipalities also reward hybrid car drivers with free parking areas.


In addition to the advantages for the environment, for circulation and for saving on fuel and maintenance of hybrid vehicles, with the Green Vehicles Hybrid system it is possible to access numerous incentives for hybrid vehicle owners:

1) in many Italian regions, an exemption from the car tax is expected up to 5 years after the purchase;

2) several insurance companies offer discounts and favored treatments for hybrid car owners;

3) Ecobonus rewards low-emission vehicles with purchase incentives that vary based on the value of the emissions.