Elettra is the smallest vehicle in the range. Despite this, it has a very large and easily manageable load compartment, given the presence of a large rear hatch.

Elettra is a 100% electric quadricycle, suitable for internal journeys in private contexts such as department stores and tourist villages, and city routes.

A valid ally for commercial fleets, its equipment is suitable for transporting waste, gear, food and postal packages.

Elettra is a vehicle that can be electrified with Range Extender or Full Electric technology.

Vehicle Class: Heavy quadricicle
Dimensions: 123 cm x 182 cm x 190 cm
Lenghts: max 210 cm
Electric engine: three-phase asynchronous
Rated power: 5 kW
Maximum power: 10 kW
Battery pack: Lithium
Maximum slope: 18%
Maximum range: 120 km
Maximum speed: 45 km/h
Total capacity on the ground: 1100 Kg
Front breaks: disc break
Rear breaks: drum

ElettraCargo is available with different configurations useful for various needs and sectors of use.

  • With open body: perfect for the transport of equipment or for internal use in big warehouse;
  • With closed body: perfect for the transport of postal packages and movement in fish, fruit and vegetables markets;
  • With tipper body: perfect for external use and transport of materials;
  • With refrigerated department: perfetc for the transport of groceries, food delivery or for transport of medicinal products;
  • MSW Tank Version: perfect for the transport of waste, with addition of container lifting devices.


The images are for illustrative purposes only and the vehicles were not actually made for the brands indicated, they only serve as an indication for possible customizations.