ECO MILE is the vehicle of the range that has had the greatest diffusion on the market of gas vehicles, in its first LPG and CNG edition. Currently, thanks to the renewed technical characteristics and the new electric motors, it’s coming across to all those public and / or private companies that have chosen to convert their commercial vehicle fleets.

The spacious and comfortable driver’s cab guarantees maximum levels of comfort for the service personnel.

The special equipment so far made for ECO MILE has been dedicated mostly to the waste collection and disposal cycle: the possibility of being able to accommodate compaction systems is perfectly integrated with the dimensional characteristics and load capacity of this vehicle.
The ECO MILE is available in the fully electric version thanks to the Full Electric kit or in the Range Extender version.

Vehicle class: N1
Max. body lengths: 245 cm x 156 cm x 228 cm
Electric engine: three-phase asynchronous
Rated power: 19 kW
Maximum power: 28 kW
Battery pack: Lithium
Maximum slope superable: 18%
Maximum range: 120 km
Maximum speed: 80 km/h
Front breaks: disc break
Rear breaks: drum