Held at the Roman circuit of Vallelunga, at the Ac-Sara Safe Driving Center, the Poste Motor Day recalled all the protagonists of the Italian and international market for hybrid and electric thermal vehicles, by personal invitation.

Obviously, the Green Vehicles srl of Jesi could not be missing, which, thanks to its twenty years of know-how, has always turned to companies, offering integrated solutions aimed at the conversion of corporate fleets.

The event took place in the presence for Enrico Cappanera GM and Luca Novelli CTO for Green Vehicles, who were confronted with a large representation of the Italian Post Office company engaged through its employees in testing the vehicles and their performance.

The vehicle presented is the ElettraCargo PLUS model, a worthy element of the Green Vehicles fleet, characterized by the highest level of performance: it is full Electric, can accommodate 2 passengers, has 50 km of autonomy (extendable to 200 km and beyond) and can reach the 85 km / h, a range of over 400 kg and with a charging time of only 2 hours.

But that’s not all: the PLUS is indicative of the photovoltaic panel inserted in the roof and fully integrated with the design of the vehicle that allows you to recharge the battery up to 50% of the same, or more than 20 km of free autonomy.

A polycrystalline panel that not only extends the autonomy of the vehicle by constantly recharging it, but amplifies its “green” characteristics by using the primary renewable energy source, the solar one and reducing the need for recharging at the unfortunately still scarce charging stations in the area .

To monitor everything, an App that, with its simple interface, allows the user in real time to have immediate access to the location of the vehicle and its charging status.

Another milestone reached by the Jesina company that with tenacity and through its vehicles is committed to the front line for the future of sustainable mobility!