Green Vehicles Srl expands its range with a new vehicle, in order to reach a differentiated customer target, related to the use of vehicles with traditional propulsion with the possibility to travel in 100% electric without anxiety of autonomy.

With a total permissible weight of 50 quintals, the vehicle offers to the user the advantages of reduced environmental pollution, very low mileage costs, and the possibility of access in restricted areas with traditional propulsion vehicles.

The 22-seat + 1 Full Electric Minibus guarantees an exceptional load capacity and allows to have over 2000 kg on the chassis. In addition, it is driven by an asynchronous electric motor that allows to have excellent performance from a dynamic point of view.

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Structure: Cabinet Fiat Ducato Maxi
Max lenght: cm 570
Max height: cm 250
Max width: cm 2015
Maximum capacity (without equipment): 2.000 Kg
Front and rear suspensions: indipendent suspentions and hydraulic dampers
Vehicle category: “I” type approval check
Seats: 22 seats + 1
Battery: Lithium battery 160 Ah 3.3V
Real maximum speed: 80 km/h
Gradient ability: 80%
Time of recharge: 6/8 hours
Autonomy: up to 120 km
Fuel: full electric