Elettra City is a small quadricycle that makes it easily manageable in traffic situations, but extremely comfortable inside.
Elettra City is 100% electric, suitable for carrying 2 passengers, has a max speed of 45km / h and is suitable for journeys in historic centers, perfect for Car Sharing and can be driven from 16 years.

Private: simple to drive, design, innovative and full electric at an unbeatable price.
Public Administrations: municipal police stations, post offices, municipalities are just some of the possible destinations.
Car Sharing: for the rental of practical vehicles for the city center.

Elettra CITY is a LIMCAR project, a spin-off from Greenvehicles.

See the Limcar website for more information.


ElettraCity is 100% electric, it can accommodate 2 passengers, has a max speed of 45km / h, can be driven
from 16 years old and in this «sea» version it is perfect for the rental in tourist areas.