CITY ELECTRIC BUS 12 meters version

A large electric urban bus with very low environmental impact. It’s about 12 meters long and is able to carry up to 120 passengers.

Equipped with dual motorization, the bus is able to reach 70 Km/h and is provided lithium batteries (Lifepo4) 280KWH, divided into a set of 4 batteries on the roof and a set of 4 in the rear, so that an autonomy of about 8 hours can be reached.

The frame is made with a single-body structure and ultra-resistant iron, which offers strength, rigidity, reliability and an anti-corrosion system. The bodywork coating uses 25-30um zinc coated metal and carbon fiber to achieve safety and anti-corrosion according to ECE/CUTR standards.

The suspensions are independent and allow to reduce vibrations, giving a comfortable journey. The body is made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the entire bus.

It’s equipped with double-circuit gas braking system, front and rear disc brakes, spring parking brake and ABS system.

The vehicle has heating system and air conditioning with automatic temperature detection. This equipment ensures optimal condition for the environment in both summer and winter.


Length (mm): 11990
Width (mm): 2550
Height (mm): 3480
Wheel base (mm): 6000
Tread F/R (mm): 2086/1860
Overhang F/R (mm): 1890/3310
Approach/Departure (°): 7/7
Passenger load/seat: 120/10-29 ppl.
Chassis Manufacture: Monocoque
Power motor model: TM5058
Manufacture standard: ECE + CUTR standard for electric bus include all the spare parts
Type of Power motor: 3500Nm Double motor drive
Motor rated power/Speed/torque (kW/r/min):
Motor A: 80KW/1750rpm/750Nm
Motor B: 100KW/3000rpm/1300Nm
Fuel Type: Pure Electric
Max. Speed (km/h): ≤ 70
Brake distance (m): ≤ 10
Power drive system position: Electrical drive motor rear mounted
Max Total Mass (kg): 18,000
Max. Grade Ability (%): ≥ 20
Min. Turning Diameter (m): ≤ 24
Curb Weight (kg): 11,000